Welcome to Shine Orthodontics - Your smile and comfort are our top priorities at Shine Orthodontics – one of Brisbane and southeast Queensland’s longest established Orthodontic practices.

Being told you need braces can ring alarm bells. “Will it be expensive? Will they hurt? How will I look in them?” These are all extremely common – and normal – responses. Ultimately, what matters is your health and wellbeing and sometimes, teeth need a little help with positioning so that they look better but even more importantly, don’t cause pain or discomfort in the long term.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are Specialist Orthodontists – for the highest quality of orthodontic care, always choose a Specialist
  • You will be treated by your orthodontist at each and every visit
  • Individualised treatment plans to create your sensational smile
  • Flexible interest free payment plans with (0% finance and) full written fee quotations before any treatment begins
  • Post treatment care included in the treatment fee
  • 11 convenient locations in and around Brisbane
  • Long term supporters of the charitable Give a Smile program
  • State of the art sterilisation technologies and treatment with "clear" and "invisible" treatment options
  • Fantastic team who like to have FUN!
  • Rewards Club for Access to Contests, Games, Prizes and More!
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