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Are braces becoming a fashion statement?

For many years, orthodontists had a battle on their hands to persuade children and teenagers to wear braces, and it was a hard battle even with the parents on their side. In popular culture, children at school with braces often had a hard time from their peers and so there was often consider..

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History of Orthodontics

The word 'orthodontics' is derived from the Greek words for 'straight' ('orthos') and 'teeth' ('dontia'), and as this implies, is not concerned with curing disease as such (although diseases can cause problems that orthodontics can correct), but with the correction of tooth displacement, or more..

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Other benefits to orthodontic treatment

Besides the obvious cosmetic benefits to your teeth and smile, orthodontic treatment can also provide benefits to your oral and general health. Some of these benefits include: Correcting crowded or spaced teeth and reducing the hard to clean areas between the teeth can help to improve oral ..

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